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custom hat box round packaging boxes cheap wholesale uk

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product namecheap hat plastic packaging box
Place of OriginFujian, China
Brand NameJiangxin
Industrial Usepacking
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Plastic for packaging and its characteristics

Plastic is the emerging material that develops vigorously in this century, which makes modern commodity packaging have a revolutionary change, that is, it has changed the whole appearance of commodity packaging.

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The proportion of plastic in the whole packaging materials is second only to paper and paperboard. The proportion of plastic used in packaging accounts for 1/4 of the total consumption of plastic, which has replaced or gradually replaced the traditional packaging materials in many aspects.

If made into woven bags, tying rope instead of cotton and linen;

Made into packaging bags, packaging boxes, packaging barrels instead of metal;

Make bottles instead of glass;

Made into various kinds of plastic bags instead of paper;

Made into turnover boxes, calcium plastic boxes instead of wood;

Make a variety of foam plastics instead of the traditional buffer materials.

Plastics consist of a flexible film, a fibrous material, and a rigid forming material. Their basic characteristics are:

1.Excellent physical and mechanical properties, with constant strength and elasticity, folding resistance, friction resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, pressure resistance, moisture-proof, waterproof, and can block gas.

2.Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance, etc.

3.The specific weight is small, which is 1/2 of the specific weight of glass and 1/5 of that of steel. It belongs to light material, so the packaging container made of it is light, which is suitable for the development of lightweight packaging.

4.The processing molding technology is simple, convenient to manufacture various packaging materials and containers.

5.Suitable for all kinds of new packaging technology, such as vacuum, gas, stretch, shrink, fit, compound, etc.

6.With excellent transparency, surface gloss, printability and decoration, it provides good conditions for packaging and decoration.

Plastic also has some drawbacks: it's not as strong as steel;

Heat resistance is not as good as glass;

Easy to age under the action of external factors for a long time;

Some plastics soften at high temperatures and become brittle and weak at low temperatures.

Some plastics have a peculiar smell, and some harmful ingredients may seep into the contents;

Easy to produce static electricity and cause pollution;

Improper disposal of plastic packaging wastes will cause environmental pollution and so on.

Therefore, in the selection of plastic packaging materials should pay attention to the above issues.

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