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eyelash pink clear plastic packaging box

Product name

Wholesale false eyelash sub-packing box pink single pair packing eyelash box two-piece set of transparent foundation cover has been available for a long time




85*35*10 mm


about 2.5 grams per set

The following is the physical selfie picture, the above values are measured manually, please allow slight error.

If you need to pack false eyelashes, in addition to buying eyelash packing boxes, you also need to buy professional eyelash gel stage, stage gel is available at our store, if you need to contact customer service.

The importance of packaging design to eyelash packing box

How much do you know about the design of eyelash packing box? With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for packing boxes will continue to increase, and also put forward higher requirements for the quality of iron boxes.eyelash boxes

The increase, improvement of processing quality and reduction of production cost are also the market pressures and difficulties faced by carton packaging enterprises, which require the application of new technologies in the production process of iron box packaging to continuously improve the degree of automation of equipment, reduce the adjustment time of equipment and auxiliary preparation time of live parts.

eyelash plastic packaging box

Only by constantly adapting to the new changes in the market and meeting the requirements of different users can we improve the competitiveness of packaging enterprises.

Whether a commodity has good sales performance must be tested by the market.

In the whole marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role. It USES its own unique image language to communicate with consumers, to influence their primary emotions, and consumers will be interested in the packaged products as soon as they see it.

It can promote success or failure, and consumers will be swept away by less powerful packaging.

Along with our country market economy unceasing development and perfection, consumers have become more mature and rational, the market gradually show the characteristics of "buyer's market", which not only increased the difficulty of product marketing, but also make the package design encountered unprecedented challenges, drives product packaging, grasp the public's consumption psychology towards a more scientific, the direction of higher level.

Packaging has become the main marketing activities in the actual commercial activities, and inevitably has a close relationship with the psychological activities of consumers.

As a packaging designer if you do not understand consumer psychology will fall into blind.

How to attract the attention of consumers, and how to further stimulate their interest, induce them to take the final purchase behavior, this must involve the knowledge of consumer psychology.

Therefore, the study of consumer psychology and change is an important part of packaging design.

Only by mastering and rationally using the law of consumption psychology can we effectively improve the design quality, increase the added value of goods, and improve the sales efficiency.

Consumer psychology research shows that consumers have complex psychological activities before and after purchasing goods, and the differences in age, gender, occupation, nationality, education level, social environment and other aspects divide many different consumer groups and their different consumer psychological characteristics.

In the process of consumption, most consumers' main psychological feature is the truth-seeking psychology, believing that the actual utility of goods is the most important. They hope that the goods are convenient to use, cheap and fine, and they do not deliberately pursue the aesthetics of appearance and the novelty of style.

The consumer groups with realistic psychology are mainly mature consumers, working class, housewives, and elderly consumer groups.

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