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Knowledge of gift box printing Gift box as a kind of commodity packaging, it must achieve the basic functions of packaging, that is, to complete the protection of commodities, commodity information, commodity marketing. Gift box should also transfer interpersonal emotional communication information, improve the positioning of gifts, it is the system of human emotional communication media and the bridge of friendship.
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Blister box main features

1) good protection.

2) transparent and intuitive.

3) easy to use.

4) light weight.

Blister box mold selection

Blister packaging mold is generally gypsum mold, electroplated copper mold and aluminum mold three kinds

Gypsum mold: with gypsum in the semi-wet state of sculpture molding, and then drying into a mold, gypsum mold cost is low, easy to modify, but gypsum mold precision is not high enough, the surface is not smooth and fragile is not durable, so it is commonly used to close, do electroplating copper mold mold or some small batch production requirements of the plastic mold.

Aluminum mold: aluminum ingot through mechanical processing (lathe, milling machine, CNC, etc.).Aluminum mold high precision, smooth surface and durability, but the price is very expensive, aluminum mold is generally used in higher precision copper mold can not reach the blister products.

Electroplating copper mold: with gypsum mold made into samples, electroplating a layer of copper shell is electroplating copper mold, relatively high cost of gypsum mold, but much cheaper than aluminum mold, because of its surface smooth and durable, low-cost advantages, copper plating mold is the most commonly used a type of blister mold.

Material Features:

1, PVC --with nice anti-fouling ability , prices are relatively low. 
             Mostly used in Daily used goods
      2, PET --high transparency & glossiness,beautiful appearance, strong figure 
             Mostly use in products that required high environmental protection products 
      3, PP ---good toughness,eco-friendly. Consist smooth PP. frosted PP,twill PP 
              Mostly use in baby products & stationery products package 

plastic clamshell packaging box

plastic clamshell packaging box

difference  between clamshell and blister packaging    

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging is commonly used in pharmaceutical industry to package capsules, tablets and related products, and to perform unit dose packaging. It is the best packaging technology to provide protective barriers to meet product shelf life requirements and to provide the best level of damage resistance. Blister packaging products are usually used to package doctor's drug samples and other counter products provided by pharmacies.

This kind of packing is usually called blister packing, blister belt or blister card. The main advantages of using blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry are the guarantee of packaging integrity, including the shelf life of the dose and the ability to create calendar packaging by printing the weeks on each dose separately.

What is clamshell packaging?

The two connected blisters are considered to be a flap for packaging various products. It is considered to be the safest packaging type widely used for packaging consumer electronics products.

With the wide use of these types of packaging, it is necessary to produce high-quality flip and blister packaging products for manufacturers in the packaging industry. With the help of high-quality blister and clam shell packaging testing instruments, the quality of products is tested to ensure the quality of products.

Knowledge of plastic packaging

1: box type

(1) tuck box (2) buckle box (3)auto-lock bottom box (4) hook box (5) handle box (6) hand box (7) wine box (8) upper and lower unlocking (9) hook box B (10) cover box (11) flat box (12) pillow case

knowledge of plstic packaging box

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