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tray packaging for food

tray packaging for food

tray packaging company

tray packaging company

PET with PP blister packaging box which is good?

Both of them are used for packaging, so which one is better, PET or PP?

In fact, there is no comparison between them, because PET and PP belong to two different kinds of blister materials and their properties are different, so the blister boxes made from these two kinds of materials are also different.

Say from color for example, PP material common color is white, black or instinctive quality (namely milky white), PP material is not transparent inside sheet blister, the most transparent also is the kind of translucent milky white;

PET, on the other hand, is usually transparent, rarely black or white.

Physically, the melting point of PP material is as high as 167℃, which is the only kind of plastic material that can be put into the microwave oven for heating. Moreover, it can withstand the low temperature of -35 ℃. Therefore, PP plastic packaging box is very suitable for storing cooked food, chilled meat, seafood and other foods that need to be heated or refrigerated.

When the material of PET is heated to 70℃, it will easily deform and produce substances harmful to human body. Therefore, PET blow-up box is suitable for fruit, vegetable salad and other edible things that do not need heating.

To sum up, there is no best blister packaging box, only the most suitable blister packaging!

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