Plastic Blister Packaging Trays

plastic blister packaging
blister packaging tray
cosmetic blister packaging tray
food packaging blister tray manufacturer
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Product Details

custom food cosmetic plastic blister packaging tray box manufacturer

Product name:food cosmetic plastic blister packaging tray box

Materials:pp pet pvc

Size:custom size


Color:custom color

Design:customer requirement

Logo:customer's logo

food cosmetic plastic blister packaging tray box

food packaging blister tray

cosmetic blister packaging tray

food cosmetic plastic blister packaging tray box sample

plastic blister packaging

plastic blister packaging

cosmetic blister packaging tray

cosmetic blister packaging tray


food packaging blister tray manufacturer

blister packaging tray

blister packaging tray

PET cosmetic food blister packaging box

Food grade thickening material

Specialized in plastic food industry!

Product quality let you rest assured!

Our factory is professional customization, please consult before purchase, we will give you a more reasonable quotation.

Buyers requirements

About the price

Specific material, material thickness, size and specification, quantity, sample quotation shall prevail.

About the design

Provide a variety of styles, for customer reference comparison.

Provide drawings to sample processing customization, specifications

A full range of styles.

Warm prompt

About the color difference

All pictures are taken in kind, and the color difference is unavoidable for anyone. Due to the display, taking photos and drawing process, the product may have subtle color deviation, and the color is in kind, so if you are harsh on color, please be careful

The delivery receipt

If the goods cannot be delivered due to special circumstances, we will call the customer to inform them of the agreed solution.

If you need to specify the express delivery, please contact or make a note before shooting. Please check and confirm after receiving the goods.

Contact us immediately if any error is found

The price that

This shop supplies the product price for the manufacturer to have the advantage!

We guarantee good value for money in the store.

To provide excellent quality to the majority of customers.

Shopping help

Please contact our online customer service for product problems. Generally, you can buy the products after the problems are clearly confirmed

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